02, Mar, 2024
Calendar for INDIVIDUALS who wish to join a GROUP

Calendar for INDIVIDUALS who wish to join a GROUP

The month of December will be reserved for corporate functions and private parties only.

The month of January will be for corporate functions, private parties, and our regular classes for people who wish to join a group.  This scenario will continue throughout 2024.

Scroll all the way to the bottom for the class calendar.


Our culinary excursion in 2024 will be a 10 day cooking and sightseeing adventure beginning August 22, 2024.

We are beginning on the Amalfi Coast (Ravello, Naples, Amalfi & Capri) where we will see the sights and learn recipes for pizza, limoncello, gelato and their style of pasta.Then we hop a train to the Emilia Romagna area of Italy (Bologna and Parma) to explore the sites, shop and to see first hand the production facilities for cheese, ham and Balsamic vinegar.  And we, of course, will be taught the culinary traditions and recipes of this region which we will add to our popular Italian classes at Chop, WOK & Talk!

More information will be available 11/15/2023. If interested please call 412-362-0679 and we will forward information as well as a link to the website.  Capacity for this trip is 14 participants and 11 spots are currently reserved.


  • Please call 412-362-0679 to register for class.
  • INDIVIDUALS can pay by debit/credit card over the phone at the time of registration (Note: We do NOT accept American Express nor Discover).
  • Alternatively, you can pay by check, mail to 5404 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206.  We need to receive your check within 5 days of your phone registration.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early as class will start promptly on time!  We  have a large parking lot adjacent to our building at the intersection of Penn and Aiken.
  • Just like cultural/sporting events there is NO REFUND once you have registered for a class.  You may, however, send someone in your place. If you give us 72 hours advance notice you may switch to another class. ABSOLUTELY NO CONSIDERATION FOR ‘NO SHOWS’.
  • Gift Certificates are NOT refundable.  You may give them to another person if you do not want to come to class.
  • In case a class is canceled due to insufficient registration (less than 6 people) or inclement weather you may switch to another available class or receive a full refund.  
  • We reserve the right to make menu changes .


      Currently working on menus for May and June

< March 2024 >
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3 4FRENCH DINNER $95 BY0B 6 ;00-9 ;00 PMFRENCH DINNER $95 BY0B 6 ;00-9 ;00 PMMENU/BYOB: Porcini mushroom soup Chicken Francaise over greens with a lemon wine sauce side of asparagus garnished with almonds, goat cheese, lemon and basil Hazelnut and orange roulade (a meringue cake roll garnished with orange segments and chocolate 5 6 7CHINESE DINNER/$95/BYOB 6:00-9:00 PMCHINESE DINNER/$95/BYOB 6:00-9:00 PMMENU: BYOB Egg drop soup Mu shu pork wrapped in Mandarin pancakes with hoisin sauce Crab rangoons with a fig dipping sauce General Tso's shrimp with broccoli Vegetarian fried rice Plum tea will be served 8Cochran Private Party 6:00 PMCochran Private Party 6:00 PM 9
10PEROGIES &POLISH FAVs/$100/BYOB/1:00-5:00 PM SOLD OUT!!!PEROGIES &POLISH FAVs/$100/BYOB/1:00-5:00 PM SOLD OUT!!!Please note that this is a 4 hour class limited to 6 people, You will need a few small containers to take home some goodies. MENU:
Perogies stuffed with cheese,onions, potatoes and sauerkraut plus recipes with several other fillings
Stuffed cabbage braised in a red sauce Haluski (cabbage & noodles) Mini Polish nut rolls filled with walnuts (yeast dough) We will make a 100 perogies, 100 mini nut rolls and many stuffed cabbages plus a large pot of haluski. you will eat what you want during class and the remainder will be divided between all participants. Please remember to bring containers!
11 12Pasta Grannies Class: $90.00/BYOB 6:00-9:00 PMPasta Grannies Class: $90.00/BYOB 6:00-9:00 PMMENU: BYOB Raviolo (extra large ravioli stuffed with ricotta wit an egg yolk in the middle and served with a sage brown butter sauce Ricotta cavatelli in a Marsala wine and mushroom sauce with hazelnuts Antipasti salad with a variety of meats, cheese,tomatoes, chickpeas and sugared walnuts Manicotti made with crepes smothered in a tomato butter sauce and topped with bechamel (rich white sauce A sip of limoncello and the recipe 13AMALFI COAST DINNER $90/BYOB..... 6:00-9:00 PMAMALFI COAST DINNER $90/BYOB..... 6:00-9:00 PMMENU; BYOB Bruschetta with pesto, topped with ricotta, garnished with roasted red peppers and a balsamic drizzle Cod loin in a white butter sauce topped with lemon, orange and grapefruit segments Creamy risi e bisi (risotto with peas), pancetta & fennel Lemon mousse with almond cookies for dessert sip of limoncello with the recipe 14 15CLOSEDCLOSED 16CLOSEDCLOSED
24 25TUSCAN DINNER $95 /BYOB 6 :00-9:00 PMTUSCAN DINNER $95 /BYOB 6 :00-9:00 PMMENU/BYOB: Pasta e fagioli soup Antipasto salad with meat, cheese olives, roasted red pepper , mixed greens, caramelized walnuts and a balsamic drizzle with extra virgin olive oil Homemade cannelloni (made with crepes) and stuffed with ground veal, mortadella and prosciutto then smothered in a red sauce and topped with a bechamel (white sauce) Hazelnut and Frangelico brownie trifle with frangelico flavored mascarpone cream and topped with chocolate shavings A sip of limoncello and the recipe 26TAPAS & CHURROS/$95/ BYOB/6:00-9:00 PMTAPAS & CHURROS/$95/ BYOB/6:00-9:00 PMMENU/BYOB: Marinated olives and Manchego cheese Mussels with chorizo and grilled baguette slices Roasted onions sprinkled with blue cheese, roasted almonds, chives and a balsamic drizzle Stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, broiled and served with a piquillo red pepper sauce Spanish tortilla (omelet) wrapped in serrano ham and served with a red pepper and olive relish Zucchini spears grilled nad tossed with a salsa verde Churros with chocolate nutella sauce Sangria will be served 27 28 29Warner Private PartyWarner Private Party 30